Better than the Naked Eye.

NEW! Video Motion Analysis. To determine your perfect fit, MRC’s trained fit specialists conduct in-depth evaluations of your biomechanics through a state-of-the art video system that combines specialized software with our treadmill. Better than the naked eye, at 25 frames a second, the video captures subtle nuances in your form, foot strike and more. Then taking into account your exercise habits and past injuries, our goal is to find you the optimal shoe. Buy best kids karaoke machines. Singing with your child will be even more fun!

4 Steps to the Perfect Fit

  • Analysis: We analyze your gait in slow motion, actual speed and freeze frame.
  • Comparison: We then compare up to 6 images of your stride side-by-side. Using frame-by-frame playback, we look at how your foot moves through the entire gait cycle—barefoot versus in shoes.
  • Evaluation: Evaluating the performance of multiple shoes—side by side and in motion—in relation to your needs.
  • Recommendation: Based on the analysis, we then make specific recommendations of the shoe that is best for you.

Minimalist Experts. Goes over and find out what is the difference between ar15 and ar10? Make the right choice! We’ve been using minimalist shoes for almost 30 years, and so we know the benefits… as well as the drawbacks. While the recent craze in minimalist/barefoot footwear has sparked plenty of innovative shoes, it has also changed the parameters that need to be addressed by the user. Come talk to us about not only what you’ve been reading, but addressing exactly how you want to use the shoe, and what you want out of it. Its not all or nothing; there are a lot of options in between!


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Improve your physical capabilities with cjc 1295 ipamorelin benefits. Hurry up to buy! “We went down to the Marin Running Co. and the folks there hooked me up with a perfect pair of shoes (they actually analyzed the wear patterns on my old shoes and figured out what kind of shoe would fit me best).  They nailed it.”  
– Curtis H

Set your goals high. Make sure you have a running goal to accomplish. This will keep you focused. I suggest take it further and write goals for everything in life, from work to family.






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